Sunday, August 21, 2011

School Pictures

Here are our school pictures for the school year 2011-2012! :D

First, here's me.

Molly McIntire
9th grade

Lanie Swift
9th grade

Chrissa Maxwell
9th grade

Sonali Matthews
9th grade

Julie Albright
9th grade

Felicity Merriman
9th grade

Rebecca Rubin
8th grade

Kanani Akina
8th grade

Kit Kittredge
7th grade

Ruthie Smithens
7th grade

Samantha Parkington
7th grade

Yep! Hope you enjoyed! I'll post more as soon as possible! :D School starts tomorrow! Cya!

Stay True,

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Catchin Up With The Fam

So you might be wondering, how's my family doing? Well, I'll tell you.

Chrissa. She's doing great! She's (obviously) swimming and diving a ton, performing currently especially in butterfly and working on advanced dives, as well as hanging out with her bestest friends, being me and Sonali :D She's also learning to play the guitar, and enjoys skateboarding :D

Sonali. She's doing pretty good, too. She's swimming and diving as well. She's especially working on backstroke and somersault dives. She is learning a lot about orcas and dolphins and is really enjoying the research. :D She is also doing cheer for LJH and is captain for our 9th grade year! Go Soni! :D

Me. I'm doing alright. I'm feelin a little overwhelmed right now (I really miss Annie) but I'm ok. I've actually decided to work on freestyle and inward dives, and I'm enjoying the challenge :D I feel ready for a new sister. I love meeting new people :D

Kit. She's playing a lot of baseball and taking wonderful photos :D She's going to do the school newspaper this year and is going into 7th grade. :D

Ruthie. She's very into princesses (as usual) and is pretty dramatic. But she's hilarious and I love her(: She's also going to be in 7th grade.

Samantha. She is doing amazing artwork of all kinds! She is, in fact, in the process of a beautiful painting of Chrissa swimming. She's going to give it to her for her birthday next month! :D Speaking of birthdays, it was Sammi's birthday on the 18th! We had a party for her, which she highly enjoyed. Lots of cute games, followed by watching everyone's favorite movie, Soul Surfer! :D Happy birthday, Sammi! :D (If you guys wanted to send your birthday wishes, I know she'd appreciate it. She is now 12! :D Thanks! :D)

Becca. She's...well I don't know. Quite independent. She's going to try out to be in this new movie called Vampire Bliss. She's really into acting (clearly) but not so much singing anymore. She's been watching a bunch of movies lately (some are reaaaally weird) to "get into it." Whatever. She's going into 8th grade.

Nani. She's doing ok. She really misses Hawaii though. We're planning a trip there so we can see all the amazing things there and her hometown! Should be fun! Hopefully next month or October. Meanwhile she is taking beautiful pictures with Kit, and cooking all kinds of delicious foods! :D She's going into 7th grade.

Lanie. She's doing awesome! She's singing a lot, teaching Chrissa to play guitar, and of course doing concerts. She's doing choir and theater this year, which she is very excited for! :D She's going into 9th grade.

Lissie. She's alright. She's going on tour with her BFF, Julie. When she has free time, she can be found skateboarding or riding horses. She's going into 9th grade.

Julie. She's just fantastic. She's been on tour all summer and going to all kinds of camps in Russia, France, Italy, Australia, and all kinds of places across the U.S. But...she's coming back home today. Woo. Hoo. She's also going into 9th grade and doing dance team. Double woo hoo.

We're getting school pictures taken probably today. I'll hopefully be able to post them soon.

I hope you all have a wonderful school year!

Stay True,


So. School starts. On Monday. Am I excited? Yes and no.

Yes because I'm going to be on Liberty High's swim team as well as the Dolphins! That's right! TWO swim teams! I am wayyy excited! :D

No'll hardly ever get to go to SeaWorld. We had a totally AMAZING time having season passes this summer. It was incredible!
No because...Julie will come back from her ballet tour. I'll have to deal with her again. In fact, she's coming back today. Any minute now. :/
And no because...I'll be soooo busy. Like, crazy busy. I'll have swim teams, homework, and I still want to be able to hang out with my BFFs!! Will I have time to fit it all in? Guess we'll find out.

Stay True,

Monday, July 18, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Crazy Awesome Summer!! :D

My life consists of: swim, eat, sleep, repeat. And I LOVE it!! :D Lol! :D

I am working really hard on butterfly. I think it's my favorite stroke, even though it is by far the hardest! Chrissa is working on it with me. Wow! I tell ya! That girl is unbelievably amazing!! I love her!! :D

Sonni and I, we're pretty awesome. We're both waitresses at SSB for the summer! And Chrissa's our manager!! :D It's amazing! We get work done, but we have fun while we do it!! :D

Plus, Julie's been off my back for awhile. She got invited to a dance camp or whatever in Paris sooo yah. A little while of freedom? I'll take it! :D Lol! :D

I can't wait for tomorrow? Why? Because we are going to...SEAWORLD!! :D Yay!! My favorite place on the planet!! Loveee it!! :D

Alright, I have to go! Swim practice! :D :D :D TTYL! :D

Stay True,
Goal of the Day: Work on becoming a master at 'fly! :D

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy 4th!(:

Happy (late) 4th of July, everyone! I love America! I am so thankful for freedom and those who fight for it.
On the 4th, my sisters and I went to Central Park for fireworks. They were amazing! I think fireworks are one of my favorite things in NYC! :D
Alright, talk to you soon! Hopefully I can post some pics soon here!! :D

Stay True,
Goal of the Day: Take some pictures! AND post them! :D

Monday, June 13, 2011

Upcoming Excitement! :D

I have some pretty exciting things coming up!!

First, tomorrow I have an interview for a summer job at Sisters Supreme Bakery! I am sooo excited! I tell ya, that place is amazingly amazing! :D

Second, I have a swim meet on Thursday! Yes, yes, and YES! I am sooo excited! I've been working really, really hard and I hope to improve my time of 18 seconds!

Third, but most importantly, I AM GOING TO SEAWORLD! YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!! :D :D :D I am sooo excited! In fact, we are going to get SEASON PASSES for the entire summer! Then we can go whenever we want! :D :D :D OH YAH! :D We are leaving on Friday and coming back probably on Monday. Sooo that means 3 whole days of SeaWorld! YAYYYYY! :D :D :D

Ok, I have to go! But, in case you haven't noticed, I am going to try to start updating this thing everyday! We'll see how that goes... (:

Stay True,

Goal Of The Day: Post on here everyday!